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Crepe Kiosk Hire

Crepe Catering Hire

We serve a range of crepes for parties, weddings and events which are freshly made for the best flavour. As a quick-to-prepare food they are often overlooked which is a shame because crepes are healthy as well as tasty, and a wide variety of sweet and savoury fillings are possible.

crepe catering

crepe catering

crepeFor party and top line corporate occassions we supply our indoor crepe catering facilites which give a more personal feel to our service. From wedding marqueesvillage hallsextravagant house partiescar show rooms, restaurants to arenas our staff will impress your guests with their efficiency.

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With our crepes, our kiosks serve fresh coffee and a selection of cakes, donuts and
fresh orange juice

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crepe fillingsSavoury options are: cheddar cheese, cheese & mushroom, cheese & ham, cheese & mushroom, cheese & tomato, cheese & spinach, and cheese & onion. Sprinkled with cracked black pepper

Sweet crepe options are: lemon and sugar, butterscotch, chocolate sauce, sugar & cinnamon and maple syrup flavour.

Gourmet sweet options are: apple and cinnamon, black cherry, chocolate and banana, and strawberry jam. Whipped cream is available too.

Liquor flavoured crepes: Rum & chocolate, Grand Marnier or Cointreau.

For more variety crepe menus can be customised in advance to suit an event or party theme, or to the taste of your guests.

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Checkout our new branding on our crepe kiosk:

new crepe branding on our crepe coffee and donut kiosk