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Corporate Catering

We are specialists in all kinds of corporate days for all kinds of companies.

Fish and Chip Van Hire

With both a traditional and budget catering option we are able to cater for any event, no matter how big or specialist. Our fish is served freshly cooked and the chips freshly prepared on the day for a superior taste and texture. It’s so good our corporate customers come back time and time again.

We are able to cater for a small office of 50 to a packed factory of 500+. This is our day job and our night job and fish and chip hire is what we do everyday. If you’re looking for bite-size catering then why not try our mini fish and chips options, great for small meals served standing rather than sitting down.

Not just a fish and chip van: We also offer alternatives such as sausages, fishcakes and a vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free option.

Catering for Corporate Fun Days

motorcycle in front of blurred catering vanCorporate fun days are very popular. We can help make sure everyone has a great day by setting up several catering vans, each with it’s own cuisine and theme. Your guests have the choice of their favourite food and desert, with vegetarian and vegan options available too.

Usually guests have tokens or coins to exchange their food which has been prepaid for them. By using one company we takes the stress away from the organiser by doing what we do best!

Generally a corporate event would involve agreeing a price for a specific number of food servings, or in some situations a set time period. Selection of our food range is entirely the choice of the client, although we are happy to make menu suggestions and recommendations to help you plan your special event.

Typically, a corporate fun day will have any of the following;

  • Fish and Chips
  • Gourmet Burgers
  • Speciality Coffee and Crepes
  • Tea and Doughnuts
  • Jacket Potatoes
  • Sandwiches or Baguettes
  • Candy Floss and Slush Puppies
  • Coffee and Crepe Van Hire

Crepe hire is where we started nearly 20 years ago. Our crepe trailer hire or crepe cart hire is the preferred options and can be set up for nearly any occasion. Our crepes are made whilst you wait and in front of a preying eye. They come in many flavours which include sweet, savoury and liquor options. Be sure that your crepe supplier can handle the demand. Our unlimited crepe service means your guests can enjoy as many crepes as they can eat within the time frame.

Our crepe trailer not only supplies crepes but also coffee. Our speciality coffees are made to order and our coffee craftsmen will make it just how you like it. Flat White, Cappuccino, Latte or even a hot chocolate. The combination of both is perfect for your corporate fun day with its meaty, veggie and healthy options.

Burger van catering for corporate customersGourmet Burger Hire

We have two options. Choose our butcher burgers or budget burgers when ordering your Burger Van Trailer for your corporate party. Our budget option maybe cheaper but the smell will still leave you hungry and happy. All our burgers come with garnishing and fries with a choice of premium sauces.

Our 6oz butcher burger is cooked minutes before you arrive. Its so tasty on a brioche roll with melty cheddar, it will leave you wanting another. If your looking for alternatives then try our foot long hot dog or veggie burger. Top up your service with a choice of pickled egg, gherkins or onions.

Breakfast Van Hire

Catering van for hireOur breakfast vans are perfect for so many reasons and here’s a few;

  • Trade Days
  • Promotional Days
  • After Party
  • Construction Sites
  • Camp Sites

All jobs include bacon, sausages and eggs with tea and coffee. We can also include a full English breakfast for when you need to boost moral. These also come with a small loaf, hash browns, mushrooms, tomatoes and beans.

Jacket Potato Caterers

jacket potato catering

jacket potato with cheese and salad cateringTry our jacket potato catering hire which is perfect for a corporate lunch or sports day. Jacket Potatoes are just the thing if your looking for a lighter or healthy option. Depending on your budget, we will offer a choice of 4-5 fillings to fill your Jacket Potato with a side salad optional.

Our spuds are rubbed in oil and salt before being cooked onsite for your staff to enjoy. We will arrive in good time and serve the agreed amount over a 2-3 hour period of your choice.

Get your quick quote today for jacket potatoes.


Ask about our Mario’s ice cream or hot sugary doughnuts. This can be added to any of our menu’s for a small fee.
noodles for corporate catering


We give discounted rates for companies booking our services during the week and also at the offpeak season.