Great Tasting Crepes, Freshly Made – Both Indoor and Outdoor Hire Available

We serve crepes at corporate events, parties, weddings and festivals which are freshly made for the best flavour. As a quick-to-make food crepes are healthy as well as tasty. You can watch them being prepared and filled with your favourite fillings, and they can be both a main and a dessert. Our mobile crepe catering vans can be hired for anywhere in the UK, and for internal locations we have our own specialist crepe makers, and your guests can add their own flavours if you like.

Girl holding a sweet crepe at an event we were hired to do crepe catering for.

Sweet and savoury crepe catering kiosk, hired for a Christmas event

Quality Crepes

Indoor crepe making units hired for a large corporate event

For party and top line corporate catering hire we supply our indoor crepe catering facilities which give a more personal feel to our service. From wedding marquees, village halls, extravagant house parties, car show rooms, restaurants to arenas our staff will impress your guests with their efficiency.

Crepe caterer making a tasty crepe

Sweet crepe cart caterer, making sweet crepes at a wedding


With our crepes, our kiosks serve fresh coffee and a selection of cakes, donuts and
fresh orange juice

Crepe Menu Options

Crepe catering fillings, including tomatoes, salad, cheese, mushrooms, marshmallows and brown sugarSavoury options are: cheddar cheese, cheese & mushroom, cheese & ham, cheese & mushroom, cheese & tomato, cheese & spinach, and cheese & onion. Sprinkled with cracked black pepper

Sweet crepe options are: lemon and sugar, butterscotch, chocolate sauce, sugar & cinnamon and maple syrup flavour.

Gourmet sweet options are: apple and cinnamon, black cherry, chocolate and banana, and strawberry jam. Whipped cream is available too.

Liquor flavoured crepes: Rum & chocolate, Grand Marnier or Cointreau.

For more variety crepe menus can be customised in advance to suit an event or party theme, or to the taste of your guests.

Crepe catering kiosk for hire across the UK

Our crepe catering kiosk can be branded for corporate events and is available for hire across the UK.