Coffee Vending Machine Hire 

Fed up of seeing an ‘out of order’ sign on your vending machine and need a change? If so, we may have the perfect solution!

FW Vend are a small family run company based in Wiltshire providing premium bean to cup coffee, milkshakes, herbal teas, hot chocolate, various snacks, cans, bottles and hydration station vending machines within our local area.

We provide machines in the following towns and surrounding areas: Melksham, Chippenham, Calne, Devizes, Corsham, Trowbridge and Bradford upon Avon

We noticed that our local venues are continuously having problems with their vending which is why we decided to act. We found that companies are now moving direction and want to deal with local people that provide local jobs. When there’s a problem, we can come out almost straight away and deal with any problem. We have created small rounds and offer a more personalised and quality service with brand new machines and quality ingredients visiting your site once or twice a week with routine top ups, deep cleaning and maintenance.


If you have a café onsite then the Premium Sigma Touch coffee machines are the perfect back up as they provide a fantastic alternative for when your café is shut or as a back up when customers want to grab and go without delay. The vending machine touch screen machine includes an option for milkshakes, soups as well as fresh brew tea and bean to cup coffee.

The hot drinks are of a very high quality with the newest and most efficient technology. You can advertise events on our touch screen machine and it has an easy to use accessibility format for disabled users. The importance of good quality coffee is a major factor in any facility now and with this state of the art machine, it offers your customer the Barista experience without any cost to yourselves.

For customer waiting rooms then I would recommend a Sigma Encore machine which offers a middle of the road coffee that is perfect as a cheaper option. They also have fresh brew tea, hot chocolate and hot Vimto options.

There would be NO FEE for the vending machines with all the risks on ourselves. We would simply trial the machine for a 3 month period and if successful we would then sign you up to a 3 year lease which would involve ourselves visiting once or twice per week filling, cleaning and maintaining the machine. With this in mind, we will then give you a percentage back of all sales which would be transferred to your account monthly. The service includes maintenance and an annual filter change on the coffee machine. There is NO CHARGE for parts or any of the machines and we will offer a unique personal service providing your facility with an additional service.

Sounds too good to be true? We will send over a product range and will work with you to ensure we are selling the right products at your venue.

We usually team our coffee vending machines with a snacks and bottle machine or a hydration station. There would be a healthy element to the snack machine with it offering a full range of different foods, Cans and Bottles. The cans will be of all types that will include Orange Juice, sports drinks and any other of your requirements. The snacks included would be things like Mixed Nuts, Rice Cakes, Chocolate, Flapjacks, Crisps and any other confectionary you may want. The Hydration Station is perfect for sports facilities and encourages users to reuse there own bottles and fill them with filtered water or cordial.

These machines are perfect for when your venue is open and you just want to add that additional service for when your canteen facilities are not open or just don’t have anything to offer. It will also add back up to key events or for a venue with no canteen but lots of people passing through.

Another key feature is the contactless merchants on the front of the machine. This allows your customers to get used to the fact they wont need any change when needing a beverage at the end of their workout. For some locations we would do a Card Payment system only to prevent any tampering of the machines.

We can provide a wide range of vending machines to your premises. To arrange a meeting to talk about the possible options and discuss how a vending machine will be beneficial to your site then don’t hesitate and get in touch today.