Gourmet Burger Catering Hire

Our high quality burger catering give you the choice of lots of tasty burgers, with a vegetarian and vegan burger option too. Our catering is great for private parties, large scale events like county shows and carnivals, as well as corporate hire and weddings. We use the best ingredients for the best flavours.
burger van hire at a builders merchant in London

Gourmet burger, corn on the cob, salad and coleslaw, catering hire

Our gourmet burger catering works great for trade day corporate events. We can use one of our set menus that give the public lots of choice, along with hot and cold drinks. Its ideal for when you want to promote a new product or treat your most valued customers. When enquiring ask about our branding services.

We have lots of great catering reviews; “Thank you so much for yesterday, everybody commented on how good your food tasted and extremely good service. Brenda and I had a very good evening and everyone went home happy! Thanks again Wayne.”

Gourmet burgers with cheese, salad and fries, with burger catering van for hire


We have several mobile gourmet burger catering units so the biggest private parties and the largest corporate catering events are no problem. We take pride in the gourmet burgers we serve, and you’ll get great customer service at the best price too!

If you’re arranging a local football tournament, a corporate open day or a music festival at your local pub then our single unit burger van hire may be your perfect catering solution. Our burger vans attend many different events throughout the year and with the hire of our burger van we can promise to bring a professional catering image to your big day.

When using our gourmet burger van hire, we make sure your customers are getting ‘value for money’. Your customers leave knowing they have paid for quality food opposed to feeling there day has been expensive!!

Burger catering at a corporate car show


We work closely with you to ensure the burger van catering is right for your event. You can choose pricier gourmet food for high profile corporate events or festival-style food for beer drinkers and party animals!

If you’re thinking of doing your own BBQ or putting on a few snacks then we can help. If you’re a local club or organisation looking to raise money then our burger van hire will be the perfect catering solution. We can donate a percentage of our gross takings to your charity or club and create an extra income for you… Our expertise in the burger business shouldn’t be underestimated; our contribution may far exceed your expectations!

Not just a gourmet burger caterer

If we open early then ask about our breakfast and healthy lunchtime offers. We can provide your staff with meal vouchers and will always provide delicious gourmet burgers, freshly prepared and piping hot!