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Chippenham Town Football Club

Kiosk catering for Chippenham football club.

Catering for Chippenham Town FCIn 2014 we were given the opportunity to take over the catering at Chippenham Football club. After a meeting with what was then the new chairman we could see the opportunity to work alongside him and his team to help drive the club forward from a catering perspective. We sat back and ran the kitchen as it was for the first year before investing in new equipment and creating a stable clean facility. Year 3 brought a brand new kitchen area with new refrigeration, walls and a ceiling. With this we updated the menu which now includes pies and a selection of filtered coffees. Our menu is tailored to the hardy football fans with good burgers, hot dogs and most importantly, Bovril.

In 2017 Chippenham FC went on to win the league with a promotion to the Southern Vanarama League and with this we invested heavily in a brand new kiosk for the other end of the stadium and a hot drinks cart between the stands to keep the queues down at half-time for our well supported club. We also supply the players meals at the end of each match with a variety of hot food which includes a homemade curry or chilli and then open the kitchen for the second team and under 18s. We have an annual football tournament and support any other events that go on throughout the football season.

There are future plans to grow the stadium, keep improving the team and hopefully promotion and its our intention to keep following them on their journey.

Stanley Park Football Ground

Football catering serving, coffees, hot chocolate, tea, and hot drinks.

In 2018 we were awarded the concession to cater at Stanley Park Football Ground in Chippenham. At first, we had one of our mobile units outside as they were desperate to provide adequate and reliable catering for key dates and weekends when they have constant games and grass root football going on. We went straight in providing filtered coffee, good quality hot chocolate along with breakfast rolls, burgers etc.

We have now put in place a brand new kiosk that now looks like part of the foundations. We will carry on supplying your typical match day foods along with some healthy alternatives and really good coffee.

We have installed modern vending machines that provide fresh brew tea, bean to cup coffee along with a milky hot chocolate, soup and milkshakes. The snack machine have a variety of cans, bottles and healthy snacks. These machines are ideal for when the kiosk is shut and we have a small flow of people that may need some light refreshments.

Stanley also provides a sports venue for many well known local and football league clubs along with meetings party’s and corporate functions. With this we are able to provide a bottle bar along with corporate lunches that may include a buffet, fish and chips, gourmet burgers, breakfast, jacket potatoes etc.

If you’re holding a party or corporate function and need catering, please email info@fwcatering.co.uk for prices

Forest Green Rovers

We do Vegan / Vegetarian catering for Forest Green RoversThe famous and first ever vegan football team in the world. Forest Green Rovers train at our Stanley Ground Sports Ground and we provide catering for the players during their training sessions.

We were given the challenge of satisfying there demands and we went away to create a portfolio of different vegan meals that we can present the players after each training sessions. The players are passionate about what they do and we are proud to be a part of it.

Melksham Town Football Club

We did catering for Melksham Town Football ClubMelksham Town Football Club had a beautiful brand new facility presented to them in 2017. Although they provide their own catering for match days and corporate functions on a week by week basis, we are largely involved catering for key dates.

We bring our units in to the ground for large corporate events, the annual fireworks display, celebrity games and big games expecting big crowds, such as local derby’s. Melksham Town got to the Quarter Finals of the FA Vase in 2018 which is a massive achievement for the level of football. We provided the sole catering for a crowd of 2400 people and the money we generated and no nonsense assistance is important to the smooth running of each event. This in turn allows the club to concentrate on the other aspects of the day.


Finest beef burgers catering at a football event

West Wilts Equestrian

Wilts Equestrian logo - one of our catering clients!

In 2018 we were delighted to be welcomed to this facility as the first outside catering company to do so in 27 years. At first we were asked to cover the BE events with our quirky coffee and crepe unit. We run this alongside the in-house café to provide good coffee and a variety of veggie, meaty, sweet and savoury crepes.

We now have one of our Bean to Cup vending machines installed in the catering area that offers good quality coffee when the café is not open whilst also providing an additional service when busy. We also have our coffee and crepe unit brought in for busier events.